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John Costanzo | Founding General Partner
"Hey there! Our team spans the ranks of over a dozen projects and companies. We are always on the lookout for new talent.  I hope you will join us as a client, investor, or team member in launching products and businesses that bless and uplifts the lives of the people who utilize them."
"Here is a BIO our publicist put together."
John Costanzo is a visionary serial entrepreneur and creative dynamo dedicated to activating individuals and teams towards purpose-driven profit.

He is the co-founder of ten scalable businesses in the United States. He brings new products to market on a consistent basis and has secured significant USPTO verification marks, trademarks, and patents for both himself and his clients. John raises capital, builds organizations, launches products, and creates wealth as an active servant leader for his businesses, partners, and clients. 

John worked at Castello di Amorosa Winery in Napa Valley, where he advised HNWIs and sold over 5 mil+ in wine as the highest-grossing salesperson per hour for three years. His business models have sold millions in product and have been copied by competitors across various industries. John’s clients include the French Laundry and the Ritz Carlton, and his work has been featured in TIME, Napa Valley Register, NBC, FOX News, Today, and CBS. 

John holds a B.A. in Communications Multimedia from Franciscan University and studied design and marketing from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He took master's courses in international business and New Venture Management and is actively mentored by HNWIs.

He is a co-founder and advisor to several non-profits and finds great joy in philanthropic work that values, protects, and uplifts the dignity of human life.
Electrical Engineer (ZeroNox Battery Technology)

Status: Exempt (salaried)

Department: Engineering

Location: Porterville, CA


Position Summary: We are on the hunt for an Electrical Engineer specializing in battery design. The ideal candidate needs to have a fundamental understanding of high power electrical design in a hardened/industrial environment, and will need to work with our teams to develop and improve the electrical systems to work in this environment. The role also requires close interaction with supply chain, quality, manufacturing, and service teams to ensure designs meet cross functional requirements. This individual should be creative, self-motivated, able to handle multiple project assignments, and willing to learn and adapt within a fast-paced engineering organization.

Core Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assess electrical power system architecture, main electrical components and connections, and troubleshoot problems with electric batteries in the application of vehicles and storage

  • Create test plans for and oversee system laboratory electrical testing

  • Oversee manufacturing staff in their integration of battery technology with applications


Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering; advanced degree is strongly preferred

  • 5+ years of related work history preferably within a technology product/vehicle manufacturing environment

  • Experience with energy storage solutions and technologies

  • Mandarin speaking is big plus!

Career Openings
EV Sales Consultant (ION Electric Vehicles)

Status: Commission-Based Compensation

Department: Sales

Location: California Territory


Position Summary:  We are looking for a talented sales consultant that genuinely likes people and knows how to make them feel good about themselves. We need someone to join our team and immerse themselves in off-road electric vehicle technology to coordinate sales calls and visits to perspective clients in the northern California area.

Core Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with marketing targeted sales campaigns towards target markets (wineries, casinos, hotels, resorts, etc.)

  • Generate new leads and referrals, and reach out to perspective clients on phone, email, and in person

  • Close contracts confidently with new clients while gaining outside business development expertise

Our team includes full-time, part-time, and contracted individuals devoted to specific businesses across several industries.
Social Media Manager (Arise Venture Studio)

Status: Salary (Part Time)

Department: Marketing

Location: Anywhere


Position Summary:  We are on the hunt for a talented social media manager to manage the daily post of over 9 brands spanning between technology, medical, and small business industries.

Core Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan out quarterly marketing campaigns with team.

  • Conceptualize, Design, and schedule posts for every week.

  • Respond to inquires and notify sales staff of new leads.

  • Plan target markets and launch marketing paid campaigns.

Education and Experience

  • Advanced knowledge of Social Media Algorithms

  • Advanced Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

  • Knowledge of the Buffer System

  • Experience With Paid Social Media Advertising

  • Excellent spelling and punctuation proficiency

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