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Which of the Three Venture Studio Backings is Right for You?
General Contract
Best for small projects.  Hire the studio to tackle your specific project at an agreed upon price.
Corporate Retainer
Best for large scale projects. Set up an annual contract and utilize entire studio and all of it's services on retainer for a set period of time.  The entire team will be on call 5 days a week to rise your organization to the top.
Full Founder Backing
Best for ambitious founders. Utilize the studio as your ongoing strategic partner in exchange for stake in the company and take advantage of its ongoing corporate design services, capital raises and national growth strategy without the major ongoing costs.

Services Included in All Partnerships


Market Research
Product Design
3D Design
Sourcing & MFG.
U.S. Patent & Trademark
Market Entry Planning
Product Branding
Packaging Design
App Development
Product Videography
Product Photography

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Seed Funding
Location Scouting
Property Design
Corporate Branding

- Logo Design
- Look/Feel
- Name/Mantra
- Brand Promise
- Values
- Mission
- Vision
- Mission
- Brand Story

Web Platform Design

- Web Market Place
- Mobile Version
- Copywriter Services

IPO Prep & Execution

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Print & Digital Marketing Assets
Social Media Management
Email Marketing Management
Market Asset Creation
Search Engine Advertising
Geo-fencing Marketing
Sales Training Day
6 Month Marketing Overhaul
Fund Raising Events


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Allow us the opportunity to enrich your life.
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Advantages of Choosing a Studio

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Raise Capital from
Seed Round to I.P.O.

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Corporate Level Design,
Marketing & Sales


Great Work without

Employee Headache

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